Laboratory Total Solution

S&F (Shanghai) has more than 20 years of laboratory industry experience, adhering to the concept of building a safe, stylish, scientific and reasonable laboratory for customers, providing from laboratory planning and design, basic environment construction, equipment production support, electromechanical installation and debugging to laboratory intelligence The overall laboratory solution for upgrading and informatization, operation and maintenance.


Laboratory Environment Design And Construction

We have thousands of project experiences, professional design, production, and construction teams. We have professional construction qualifications that cover decoration, electromechanical installation, intelligent engineering, environmental protection engineering, clean engineering, etc., and our own factories provide supporting equipment for production. Meet the personalized requirements of customers.


Laboratory Intelligence And Informatization

The time, energy and health of scientific researchers are extremely valuable. We hope that through our technical capabilities, we can improve the intelligence and information capabilities of the laboratory, reduce the difficulty of laboratory management, ensure the safety of laboratory operations, and improve the comfort of the laboratory. Degree and provide a basis for the accuracy of the experimental data.


Laboratory Furniture And Fume Hood Manufacturing

Own factory, more than 15 years of production experience, to meet customers' personalized and customized laboratory furniture needs, and has more than 20 patents, and participated in the drafting of "General Technical Conditions for Laboratory Furniture" and "Variable Air Volume Exhaust Cabinet" And other national standards, while the production environment has passed environmental protection acceptance.


Laboratory Equipment Supplies

Since 1997, it has entered the field of laboratory instruments, equipment and consumables. We use our professional experience to carefully select matching laboratory instruments, reagents and consumables for customers. Cooperative suppliers include BD, Honeywell, Hamilton and other well-known global brands, as well as the experimental consumables we produce.